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Planning for architecturally sophisticated construction. The fully equipped modules will be brought to the destination after completion with a special transporter.


If you decide to build with us turnkey, we will accompany you from the first consultation to the key handover. Each Beckle House is build in the company's own production hall according to individual requirements.


From the first consultation to the full payment of the loans, we are reliably at your side throughout the entire construction finacing process. Reliable service from a Beckle Home Inc.

Live and feel comfortable

When it comes to your dream home then you should be quiet demanding. After all, it’s about the place you live and feel comfortable in the future. Beckle Home is at your side for everything to work to your liking.

At the heart of all our work is the quality of your construction project. We advise you in detail and then plan exactly the house that suits you and your needs. During the construction phase, we work together with reliable partners from the region and use only high-quality materials.

Even in prefabricated houses, no prefabricated house is the same as the other! The demands and needs of a prefabricated house in terms of price, size, architecture style, energy efficiency, execution.


As an energy-efficient house, the Beckle Home is extremely economical in consumption. The high energy efficiency leads to lower environmental impact and is a real cost advantage in terms of annual operating costs. The Beckle Home is also ideal for allergy sufferers due to its natural construction.


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Beckle Home with

The raw material wood

Plate cutting

Profile machining

Laying the bolt work